Eco-Bedding With Odor Control 3.0lb

All the benefits of Eco-Bedding with our Triple Action Odor Control. Helps control odors while enriching your pet's enviroment. Eco-Bedding is clean absorbent and dust-free. Made from 100% Post Consumer Waste Eco-Bedding is an environmentally friendly alternative to other bedding & nesting materials. A little goes a long way so Eco-Bedding is Economical as well as Ecological. Scientifically proven to enrich your pets environment and improve their health. Clean safe enrichment for your pet. Eco-Bedding is a Biologically Relevant enrichment designed to encourage foraging and nesting. These activities help reduce stress and stress related illnesses & behaviors like barbering aggression wet tail and more. For breeders you can expect healthier happier and most robust litters. Works great for birds too!